Sometimes letting someone know their efforts are appreciated gets lost in our busy daily shuffle. It’s kind of a lost art in today’s online world. Sure, you can send a thank you e-mail, but they don’t stick around for long, and are often read and deleted.

Gift cards are nice, but that five-dollar Starbucks or Panera card will be used once and tossed… and probably won’t even cover a full meal at either spot.

Properly thanking someone in your network can go a long way to creating a long-term relationship. Maybe they simply followed or liked your business on social media. Maybe they are a customer who left a glowing review or provided a referral. They could be a mentor or mentee, someone you met at a conference, someone you collaborated with you on a project.

How to Say Thank You

When someone gives you something, just like your parents taught you, you should thank them. Time, money, attention, these are all highly valuable things. Here are 14 ways we think have the most impact for thanking someone.



Make an Impact

Saying Thank You


When a person has made a solid contribution to your life or career, there is no such thing as enough thanks. From a mentor who has helped you on your path, to an author who has enriched your life, to a restaurant that just served you the best tamales you have ever had, providing thanks in one way or another should become a habit.