Our values run deep through our company culture and have since day one.

For us, our values are more than just words. They are ways of living, creating, and doing. A lot has changed since Brantley was founded, but the principles of our core values remain the same.

1. Love What You Do

Have passion, dedication and grit in everything you do. Hustle, and do it with a smile.

Coworkers discussing client branding
Coworkers discussing client branding

2. Keep Pushing

Never settle for the way it has always been done. Set the standard and try new things. That's called progress.

3. Be A Professional

Hold each other accountable and put ideas over egos. Listen to others and save your energy for what matters.

Coworkers discussing project

The Right People Make All The Difference

It’s not just our track record, unparalleled industry expertise, the efficiency of our process and the quality of our work. It’s the secret ingredient that makes it all happen: the innovation of our people. That creativity and knowledge has ensured that Brantley has delivered true value to businesses, and it’s how we’ll be a true partner in driving the success of yours.

Coworkers discussing project
Coworkers discussing project

Forging a New Normal In The AEC Industry.

When you meet our people, you'll immediately sense an optimistic, determined spirit in our team. We are a digital marketing agency for the building industry and we absolutely love it.

We Empower Individuals

If you ask people at Brantley what keeps us excited about coming to work each day, you’ll hear repeatedly that it’s the people and the culture. We're human-centered, an approach that starts internally and exudes through to our clients. Our culture is open, informal, collaborative and fun — all reflected Brantley's team.

Coworkers discussing project
Coworkers discussing a project

Dedicated to Our Work

Our profession is intense; we all know the pressure of a deadline. But it’s fun, too — it can be exhilarating when we’re working on projects that make a positive difference in our client's business, and when we’re working with people who share our values and passions. For that reason, we have flexible attitudes about work, allowing us to balance the ebb and flow of our personal and professional lives. We care passionately about our clients and each other, and we do our best to spark a spirit of excitement and discovery in everyone around us.

Ambitious & Empowered

We’re ambitious — because we believe that ambitious people need to work in an ambitious firm to reach their fullest potential. We’re dedicated to unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit and giving people the freedom to explore new ideas, take bold chances and continuously learn from our experiences.

Coworkers discussing a project

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