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Infusing Enthusiasm into HVAC Distributor Branding

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Brantley Agency undertook a strategic branding and digital transformation for Tower Enterprises, a New York-based HVAC system distributor representing eleven manufacturers. As a key player in the HVAC distribution sector, Tower Enterprises sought to elevate its brand recognition, infuse youthful energy into its industry, and streamline its online presence to cater to a diverse clientele.

Balancing the Traditional with the Forward-Looking


Tower Enterprises wanted a brand reimagining, and Brantley Agency immediately got to work. We started a logo redesign project to create a modern logo that represents Tower Enterprises' standout approach in the traditional HVAC industry. The resulting logo successfully captures the desired balance, providing a fresh and youthful identity for the brand as it continues to expand.


In parallel, we developed a comprehensive website for Tower Enterprises, focusing on enhancing the user experience and boosting SEO. The website features five specific market pages tailored to customer segments and showcasing all the HVAC lines represented by Tower Enterprises for easy navigation.


Recognizing the importance of conveying the company's youthful perspective and industry expertise, the website design balanced forward-thinking aesthetics and a deep understanding of HVAC systems. This approach resonated with Tower Enterprises' goal to bring a fresh perspective to the traditionally aged HVAC sector.

“It was the small efforts that mattered, especially considering the client wanted an unconventional touch to redefine its conventional stance. For instance, we created a one-pager for potential customers highlighting all of the manufacturers represented by the client, offering a brief overview of the Tower Enterprises experience. Such special ideas are what stand out in the long run."

- Shelby / Project Manager at Brantley Agency

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