Reinforced Brand Identity and Positioning

Branded Template


Brantley Agency collaborated with Total-Western, an oilfield construction and maintenance service provider, to enhance their brand identity. The strategic approach involved a distinctive logo that reflects their position at the forefront of the industry. The client's objective was to stand out in a well-established industry, showcasing a forward-thinking team with a wealth of experience and a commitment to core values.

Design that Transforms Essence to Identity


The agency worked closely with Total-Western to create a logo that effectively captures the company's essence and communicates its core values. The challenge was to design a logo that symbolizes innovation, experience, and the four core values integral to Total-Western's identity. The resulting abstract symbol in the logo incorporates four colors, each representing a specific core value. This not only adds a visual element to the logo but also aligns it with the company's guiding principles.


The logo's abstract symbol is a powerful visual representation of Total-Western's commitment to excellence, innovation, and adherence to core values. Using distinctive colors enhances brand recognition and reinforces the company's unique identity in the competitive oil & gas construction and maintenance services sector.


Besides the logo, Brantley Agency extended its support to Total-Western for various internal and external materials, showcasing its versatility across different touchpoints. Whether designing calendars or materials for golf tournaments, the agency ensured a consistent and expertly crafted visual representation.

“Our team created a visually striking and meaningful logo for Total-Western, effectively communicating its values and setting it apart in a competitive industry. Even the content curation focused on maintaining Total-Western's visual consistency and impactful brand presence across diverse platforms."

- Tricia / Graphic Designer at Brantley Agency

Branded Template

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