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Engineering Proposal Template


Brantley Agency collaborated with Syms Engineering, an engineering consulting and project execution company specializing in battery manufacturing, to improve client communication and streamline proposal processes. The goal was simple – creating a comprehensive proposal template that effectively communicates Syms Engineering's identity, services, expertise, and history to prospective clients.

Tailored Proposal Template to Convey and Attract Targeted Clients


Brantley Agency worked closely with Syms Engineering to develop a tailored proposal template that encapsulates the company's essence. The template provides detailed information about Syms Engineering's services, the expertise of its engineers, and the firm's rich history. By incorporating these elements, the proposal template serves as a comprehensive document that introduces Syms Engineering to potential clients and showcases the depth of their experience and capabilities.


We wanted the proposal template to facilitate a more efficient and streamlined proposal process. By presenting a structured and informative document, the template saves time for both Syms Engineering and its clients. The customizable nature of the template also allows Syms Engineering to tailor specific information based on the client receiving the proposal, ensuring a personalized and relevant communication approach.

“The proposal template we created for Syms not only serves as a foundational tool for communicating with clients but also reflects the brand's professionalism, expertise, and commitment success. It streamlines communication processes, offering a valuable resource for Syms Engineering to present a compelling and tailored narrative to prospective clients."

- Abby / Project Manager at Brantley Agency

Engineering Proposal Template

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