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Holistic Digital Strategy for a Customer-Centric Corporate

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Provident Energy, an energy management company headquartered in Pennsylvania and specializing in energy efficiency, procurement, and strategy, sought Brantley Agency to enhance its online presence. We executed a comprehensive digital strategy for them, helping educate their clients on their diverse services and fostering a sense of trust.

Augmenting Brand Presence with a Solid Identity


We addressed Provident Energy's SEO and user experience objectives by designing tailored service and market pages on the company's website. The idea was to boost SEO while ensuring easy navigation and access to information. By categorizing services and markets, the website provided a structured and user-friendly platform for prospective clients to explore and understand the breadth of Provident Energy's offerings.


Recognizing the importance of building trust in the energy consulting industry, Brantley Agency added key personnel bios and team photos to the site. This personal touch allowed clients to connect with them, fostering a sense of familiarity and reliability. Given their services' complexity, these personal touches sought to educate clients and establish a rapport based on transparency and expertise.

“We ensured the website pages aligned with the companies' goals and values and reflected the overarching mission and vision shared by the client. The cohesive approach helped us create a unified online presence for Provident Energy within the energy management sector."

- Matthew / Marketing Lead at Brantley Agency

Website Design

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