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Strategic Website Design for a Unique Brand Identity

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Magnico Contracting set out to reinvent its online presence in the cutthroat world of commercial general contracting. Their brief was crisp: to differentiate them from the saturated market of the East Coast's traditional GCs. Brantley Agency took on the task of creating a website that not only diverges from the typical but also showcases Magnico's customer-centric attitude and state-of-the-art technology.

Crafting a Distinct Brand that Stands Out


The Magnico Contracting website was given a radical makeover to reflect their tech-driven culture better. Despite limited imagery, the use of word art, animations, and dynamic sections created an engaging and eye-catching website. The idea was to balance sleekness, dynamism, and content to integrate the comprehensive information required of a general contractor.


A focused approach was adopted for improving the website SEO, delving into the significance of Magnico’s various services and businesses. Each vertical was elaborated further with dedicated, keyword-rich pages targeted at specific consumer categories. The page content was optimized with user-centric messaging and industry-specific content to increase website traffic.

"Rather than merely redesigning their website, we created an immersive digital experience that reflects Magnico’s technological prowess. Every element, from the dynamic visuals to the strategic SEO, was carefully planned to present Magnico as a distinguished player in its niche."

- Shelby / Project Manager at Brantley Agency

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