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Complete Website Redevelopment and Brand Positioning

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Jackson Industrial Construction (JIC), a Michigan-based provider of agricultural and industrial construction, fabrication, and millwright services, had unique needs. They wanted us to execute a comprehensive website redevelopment project that best showcased their cross-vertical work. Specializing in large commercial farming facilities, JIC also sought to enhance its online presence by improving SEO and customer communications.

Branding that Sets the Right Foot Forward


Recognizing the critical role of SEO in online visibility, Brantley's primary focus was strategically adding pages dedicated to JIC's specific services. By creating distinct pages for agricultural and industrial construction, fabrication services, and millwright services, we wanted to boost JIC's SEO and ensure that potential customers could easily find relevant information about the company's offerings.


One of the challenges encountered during the project was the limited availability of high-quality photography. Given the nature of JIC's work, which often involves large-scale industrial and agricultural facilities, capturing visually appealing images presented a challenge. In response, the Brantley Agency applied its creative expertise to design pages that effectively balanced available photographs with other visually engaging elements. The result was a visually captivating website that effectively conveyed JIC's services to visitors, even without extensive photographic material.


The newly developed site featured five specific service pages, each tailored to provide detailed information about JIC's offerings. This strategic approach contributed to improved SEO and ensured that potential customers could easily navigate the site and find pertinent details about the services offered by JIC.

“We combined SEO, strategic service pages, and creative design solutions to revitalize JIC's online presence just as they wanted. The website was able to rank higher in search engine results while offering a comprehensive resource for customers looking up about agricultural and industrial construction, fabrication, and millwright services that JIC offers."

- Ruban / SEO Expert at Brantley Agency

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