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In response to the unique needs of HBG Design, a distinguished architecture firm based in Memphis, TN, the Brantley Agency embarked on a transformative journey to create a distinctive and visually captivating website that aligned with the firm's specialized focus on casino design, hospitality, and event centers.

Envisioning A Clear Brand Message


HBG Design approached the Brantley Agency with a clear vision – they sought a website that showcased their impressive portfolio of project work and exuded a distinctive and complementary aesthetic. Specializing in casino design and hospitality, the client desired a platform that would convey the essence of their expertise while providing an engaging and immersive experience for visitors.


Understanding the specific requirements of architecture clients, the Brantley Agency skillfully translated HBG Design's vision into a tangible reality. Collaborating closely with the client, the agency incorporated the distinctive feel desired by HBG Design, ensuring that the website not only complemented the stunning visuals of their project work but also reflected the firm's unique identity.

“The client's specific direction provided valuable guidance throughout the project, allowing us to tailor the website to precise specifications. Our experts combined aesthetics with functionality – the output – a friendly interface outlining HBG Design's expertise in casino design and hospitality architecture."

- Shelby, Project Manager at Brantley Agency

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