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Elevating Excellence through Complete Rebranding

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Engineering company HGI sought to highlight its niche – fire safety – through a branding revisit. Brantley led an extensive rebranding campaign with a new logo, updated marketing collaterals, a contemporary website, and a new Intranet. The focus was to highlight HGI's dedication to professionalism and forward-thinking services, aligned with its vision for a sharp, professional, and classic brand.

Crafting a Distinct Brand from the Existing Digital Presence


HGI wanted a logo conveying their expertise and accuracy while maintaining a classic, easily identifiable look. Our design process incorporated any vital elements of the older logo into the new one, with a harmonious blend of continuity and innovation.


HGI's marketing content was restructured to strengthen brand identity and showcase professionalism. Professional letterhead templates and striking tradeshow stands were created for physical interactions. Virtual backgrounds and MailChimp templates elevated digital communications, and LinkedIn post templates ensured content memorability.


A thorough proposal template was developed with details about the firm, its team, services, and expertise to expedite procedures and save time. Designed to accommodate every conceivable project and HGI's wide range of services, the template made it easy to adapt bids for various projects.


Overcoming the challenge of highlighting HGI's personnel, technological expertise, and history on their website without photo ops was tricky. This was compensated with an engaging website with minimal photography, animated videos, and search-engine-optimized content for products and services.

"We ensured meticulous attention to detail to represent the brilliance, professionalism, and forward-thinking outlook that Harrington Group Inc. is known for in every facet of their brand's development."

- Shelby, Project Manager at Brantley Agency

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