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Gilbert Mechanical, is a prominent player in the mechanical contracting area, specializing in commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm wanted to build its online presence with an eye towards their overall growth strategy. Brantley helped optimize their online presence through comprehensive website design, strategic SEO implementation, and well-planned branding.

Expanding the Online Footprint


Gilbert Mechanical's primary focus was to widen its online footprint. Brantley Agency embarked on a robust website design strategy to accomplish the mission, creating dedicated pages for each of their distinctive services and the diverse industries where they operate. The approach was meticulous, with over ten additional service pages to highlight their extensive abilities and ten new industry pages that allowed them to address each type of client’s needs and challenges head on.


As with most MEP contractors, Gilbert Mechanical operates where their work might not be visually striking or easily captured in photographs. But what's a website without visuals? To overcome this challenge, our team developed a page design that skillfully balanced visual elements with other design components. The result - an aesthetically pleasing website that effectively conveyed the essence of Gilbert Mechanical's services.


Our strategy for content curation was clear – blending accuracy and relevance with SEO and visibility. We strived to fill every page with a minimum of 300 meaningful words to meet SEO standards while enriching the user with more depth into Gilbert Mechanical's multifaceted services. The content carefully integrated the most effective key phrases to catalyze online visibility. Over time, the website shaped into an aesthetically pleasing, high-performing, and engaging website that the client wanted.

“Our work with Gilbert Mechanical encapsulates a holistic approach to boosting online presence. Beyond the aesthetics, our focus on SEO, strategic page creation, and content curation aimed to create a website that reflects the professionalism and expertise of Gilbert Mechanical while ensuring a seamless online experience."

- Shelby / Project Manager at Brantley Agency

MEP Contractor Website Design

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