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Engineering Firm Website Design


Brantley Agency undertook a comprehensive marketing strategy for Enterprise Engineering Inc (EEI), an international engineering firm with offices in Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Maine. We adopted a multifaceted approach to enhance EEI's online presence and cater to its specific clientele, including logo design, website development, and strategic content creation.

Creating a Strategic Brand Image for a Competitive Industry


EEI initially approached the agency with a preconceived idea for its logo. Brantley Agency worked closely with EEI to refine their concepts in order to reach the client's vision. The resulting logo is a modern, colorful, and skillfully designed representation that aligned seamlessly with EEI's brand identity.


We crafted a website featuring highly specific service pages to address the client's SEO and user-centric needs, ensuring potential clients could easily locate relevant information. The agency meticulously covered each service, recognizing the specificity of EEI's clientele and providing in-depth content to effectively target and engage their diverse customer base.


Highlighting the importance of professional engineers (PEs) in the engineering sector, Brantley Agency incorporated a dedicated section on the website showcasing EEI's principal engineers. We wanted to emphasize the expertise, experience, and licensure of the PEs, recognizing their pivotal role in establishing EEI's credibility and competence.

We adopted an integrated marketing strategy to address EEI's unique requirements, combining a visually appealing logo with a user-friendly and SEO-optimized website, tailored service pages, and informative online experience. The focus on principal engineers was strategic, boosting EEI's professional image and positioning them as reputable industry players."

- Katherine / Marketing Lead at Brantley Agency

Engineering Firm Website Design

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