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Brantley Agency collaborated with Dome Builds Construction, a prominent general contractor in California’s Bay Area, to revitalize its brand and digital presence. Founded in 1969, Dome has a rich history and diverse clientele spanning high-tech, biotech, healthcare, education, and hospitality. What they wanted was an extensive website that showcased their capabilities, culture, philanthropy, and extensive project portfolio while catering to its modern client base.

Multifaceted Approach to a Renewed Online Presence


The agency embarked on a multifaceted project, including the website redesign. Leveraging Dome's excellent photography, the team created a visually stunning website integrating information about Dome's services, markets, projects, and career opportunities. The site exudes a modern and playful vibe, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility for visitors seeking diverse information about Dome.


The brand revitalization extended to Dome's logo, and we gave it a more modern look. A separate logo was designed for the Dome Foundation, maintaining brand integrity while creating a distinct identity for their philanthropic arm. We established brand guidelines featuring two secondary color schemes—a brighter version for high-tech clients and a more subdued version for conservative clients—ensuring flexibility in catering to Dome's diverse clientele.


Considering Dome's varied client base, Brantley Agency developed two distinct project templates with separate designs and styles, aligning with the preferences of traditional and high-tech clients. This approach allowed Dome to maintain consistency in presenting its projects while tailoring the aesthetic to the preferences of different industry segments.

“We designed various templates, including project highlights, people highlights, thought leadership posts, quotes, and other content. Offering approximately four variations for each post type, these templates provided Dome with a versatile toolkit for presenting branded content with a visually appealing and cohesive design."

- Edona / Social Media Manager at Brantley Agency

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