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Modernizing and Building Trust

Big Sky Builders Website Design


Brantley Agency helped Big Sky Builders promote their expertise and build trust by modernizing their logo, building an informative website, and creating a comprehensive new client packet. The new logo gives them a fresh look while providing continuity to their old logo. The new website features clear information about the homebuilding process, beautiful photography, and extensive project portfolios. Meanwhile, the new client packet walks customers through each project step, from start to finish, building trust by ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Highlighting their Strengths and Instilling Confidence


Brantley Marketing Agency designed a new logo for Big Sky Builders that refreshes their old logo with a more modern look and feel. The new logo retains some of the elements of the old logo for continuity and brand recognition, but it is now sleeker and more contemporary. It still says Montana, but with a cleaner more modern feel.


Brantley Agency designed a new website for Big Sky Builders that is informative and beautiful, presenting more information with minimal elements and easier navigation. The website features a clean, uncluttered design, with lots of white space and easy-to-read text. With many of their clients being retirees from out of state, the main purpose was to offer as much information as possible with ease of use…all in a beautiful way.


A new client packet for Big Sky Builders was created, walking customers through each home building process step from start to finish. The client packet includes information about the company, the homebuilding process, the schedule, finishes selection, change orders, financial matters, and more. The client packet is designed to save Big Sky Builders time and educate their new clients so that there are no surprises…fostering trust along the way.

“Big Sky Builders wanted their website and client packet to be not just beautiful but also transparent and informative. We rose to the challenge by crafting a clean, modern website showcasing their stunning portfolio, walking potential clients through the building process, and a new logo that was a subtle evolution of their original. It's the kind of project where design meets function seamlessly.”

- Tricia, Graphic Designer at Brantley Agency

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