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Boosting Online Presence for a General Contracting Company

General Contractor Website Design


Bartlett Cocke, a prominent general contracting company based in Texas, had comprehensive marketing needs. And Brantley Agency delivered. We undertook a transformative project to enhance their online presence and communication strategy.

Crafting a Brand That Prioritizes the Customer


Bartlett Cocke envisioned a website that covered all their services and featured market-specific pages to improve SEO and cater to their diverse client base. Brantley seamlessly integrated these requirements, creating a user-friendly and informative site that precisely addressed the client's needs.


A crucial aspect of the project involved improving Bartlett Cocke's SEO and optimizing the website to enhance its visibility in search engine results. By strategically developing market-specific pages, the Brantley Agency not only fulfilled SEO objectives but also ensured that the content resonated with different client segments.


The incorporation of extensive video content was another key element of Bartlett Cocke's vision for their website. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, the Brantley Agency skillfully integrated videos throughout the site, maximizing their impact. This approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the website but also provided an engaging and immersive experience for visitors.

“Our work for Bartlett Cocke resulted in a visually stunning and content-rich website that met and exceeded Bartlett Cocke's expectations. Our experts successfully balanced aesthetics with functionality, creating a platform that looks great and provides comprehensive information about Bartlett Cocke's services and expertise."

- Robert / Design Team Lead at Brantley Agency

General Contractor Website Design

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