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Crafting a Brand from Scratch to Success

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Alleato Group is a general contracting firm from Indianapolis that sought out Brantley Agency for help with their company start-up. To set them on the path to success, we provided comprehensive brand-building and marketing strategy that included name selection, logo and branding, and a new website.

Working the Old, Chasing the New


The first step was to ensure the client established its launch on a memorable, unique brand. We set out on the challenge – brainstorming for a one-of-its-kind yet relevant brand name and a contemporary logo reflecting their vision. Thorough research ensured that their new name was available both legally and as a domain. An iterative approach allowed us to focus in on a name and logo that spoke to their values and reflected what they wanted their company to be. In the end we arrived a brand identity that was modern yet timeless, contemporary yet long-lasting, symbolic yet meaningful.


Once the brand identity was set in place, we built a website that embodied Alleato Group's vision – a modern, approachable, up-and-coming partner for success. Since it was just launched, an important parameter was what the company would be, not what it was or had been. Brantley Agency designers created a modern, lively website using modern colors and stock photography, the latter which could be changed out as they grew and expanded their marketing portfolio.


Despite it being a new company, our focus was to be as elaborate as possible about how Alleato Group stands out from the crowd. We put together an extensive brochure listing all their services and markets for potential customers. We also designed customizable resume templates for all team members aligned with the new branding. These professional details added a touch of individualism and creativity to all their communications.

“We had a lot of liberty designing for Alleato Group since they were a new company with room for a lot of flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking. Working with clients who appreciate a contemporary design touch is always a pleasure!"

- Abby / Graphic Designer at Brantley Agency

General Contractor Website Design

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