1. Take Notes/ Diary-

Learn more about yourself and the way you work. We all have thoughts, challenges, and experiences that change the way we perform at work. Recording these thoughts and feelings helps find trends in your behavior that are destructive while also helping to formulate more productive ways of handling situations going forward. It can also lead to developing emotional intelligence, which allows you to relate to other people. Having a better understanding of yourself can lead to success, while also helping others around you. It also helps set, track and work towards short, medium and long-term goals.


Personal Development diary


2. Create Goals

Create and write down goals for your professional life and your life outside of the office. This will help prioritize your tasks. If you are working towards something you are passionate about, you become engaged, and inspired. This carries over into the workplace. Reward yourself when you are able to complete challenges and then set more!


Personal Development Goals


3. Invest In Yourself

“What got you here won’t get you there.”

Most of us are always looking to improve ourselves but not everyone actually does something about it. Attend conferences, organizations, volunteer time, go see speakers, conferences, continue education, read books. With so many options out there, even free ones, there is no reason not to continue to invest in yourself and gain more knowledge.

Personal Development Conerence


4. Set Time To Exercise

When you are busy at work, fitness and exercise is often the first thing to go. Overlooking this area of your life doesn’t just negatively impact your health, it affects your performance at work. The benefits from exercising include improved memory, better concentration, and a positive attitude. It also helps you stay present at work and make better decisions based on what is happening in the moment, rather than out of emotion or societal pressure.


Professional Development Tip


5. Vent

Do a cleanse— a brief sharing of anything going on that day that might be bringing you down. You might be sick or have someone sick at home. You might be feeling pressure at work or had a disagreement with someone.  Airing it out right away keeps you from being distracted and helps keep you present and engaged. Acknowledging it and giving it a few minutes of discussion can clear the air and allow everyone to participate fully without distraction.


Personal Development team


6. Get More Sleep

Doctors have linked getting a healthy amount of sleep to increased creativity, increased muscle mass and loss of fat with exercise, improved memory and attention, decreased risk of depression, lowered stress and even a longer life span. Using stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks is only a short-term solution and will lead to long term health issues.


Personal Development Sleep


7. Travel When Possible

 If you can manage the time, traveling can lead to great personal development. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a long trip or an expensive one, sometimes it’s the opposite that are the most rewarding. If you stay in one place you can lose touch with the world around you. Traveling improves your communication skills, inspires creativity, and gives you an appreciation for everything in your life and around you. It often times pushes you outside your comfort zone which always leads to self- discovery. Get out there and see the world!


Personal Development Travel