Step 1: Update Your Website

First impressions matter…a lot!

Your company’s website is often times the first impression of your company. With potential clients, it’s used as a tool to legitimize your business and show you as the most knowledgeable, powerful and cultivated company in your vast areas of expertise and geographic reach.

Update Your Website - Marketing Agency

Your website is an extension of your sales efforts. It should be working for you while you’re sleeping by driving leads to your company. If people are searching online for information on the types of services you offer in your geographic reach, they should be using your site to answer their questions. They should trust you before they even speak to you!

Technical optimization vs design of website

50% Design: Having a design that users love is more important than ever. Ease of use, a clear path to the information they’re looking for and aesthetic features that wow are all ways we integrate design into our websites! If users stay on your site, they learn more about your company, become more knowledgeable about your projects and get to know your people. ALSO, Google measures how long people are staying on your site and utilizes this information in their algorithm to determine if you should be ranking for certain keywords/phrases or if someone else is better suited.

50% Technical Optimization: This is where most companies get it wrong. They hire a graphic team or web development company that has a background in design, not in technical optimization. It’s hard to find both. While a site may look good, if it’s unhealthy on the backend, it’s not able to reach the branding and sales goals of your business. Here is a little of what that includes:

Website Technical Optimization


Step 2: Develop Great Content

A new website is the place to start! From there, it’s important to continue to update the site with great content that can be used as a sales and marketing tool to grow your business. Brantley Agency offers several different monthly marketing packages to take this burden off of small businesses. As with our websites, we handle the entire process so you don’t have to do anything.

Develop Content For Website

Great content introduces customers to your company or brand without being pushy. It convinces repeat visitors that you are trustworthy. And content marketing can spread your name far and wide, ensuring that more people know about you and what you are about. When your content answers the questions your audience is asking, they see you as a partner in their journey rather than solely as a provider.
This page details the content marketing packages and pricing. If your budget allows for it, the “Growing Company” option yields the highest results!

Step 3: Promote Your Content via Email & Social Marketing

There are two ways we find most successful in promoting content effectively for B2B companies in 2017:

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Email is a great way to share your targeted and resourceful content to past, current and future clients. It helps you stay top-of-mind and consistently build value.

Email marketing details are outlined here. If you were not already doing a consistent email marketing campaign, start with the most basic option. If you don’t have a good database of email addresses, we can help you build that also.

Social Media Marketing is a great place to humanize your brand and share all of your content that we have created. It’s also a great place to connect with past, current and future clients to maintain relevancy and show your authority in the marketplace. LinkedIn provides the best bang for you buck for B2B businesses, but Instagram and Facebook can help with recruiting employees.

Marketing Packages

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